Seven Words You Can Never Say On TV

While doing some research for a book I have in the pipeline, I came across this classic bit from George Carlin. It's as funny now as it was in 1972 when George first blew people's minds with it. Listen and prepare to laugh (but if profanity offends, then this definitely won't be for … MORE

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Where Frank Did His Business

Once in a great while, if a person is lucky enough—if the stars line up just right—they might find themselves watching actual history take place. I'm here to say that I am one of those people. Well, … MORE

Where’s Micronite?

Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em

Since Kent “Micronite” Hartman is busy finishing his next book and working on some nifty Hollywood-related projects, there are no new events at this time.

About Kent Hartman

Kent Hartman, Author, The Wrecking Crew, businessman and music industry insider.

Kent Hartman, the winner of the 2013 Frances Fuller Victor Award for General Nonfiction at the Oregon Book Awards, is both a bestselling author (The Wrecking Crew for St. Martin’s Press) and a longtime music industry entrepreneur. His clients have included Elvis Presley Enterprises, America, Lyle Lovett, Hall & Oates, Eddie Money, Pat Benatar, Kool & the Gang, Three Dog Night, and Little River Band, among dozens of other well-known artists. During the mid-2000s he also co-owned Mark Lindsay’s Rock & Roll Café with Mark Lindsay, the former lead singer of Paul Revere & the Raiders. Additionally, Mr. Hartman was for many … MORE